Effective Ways From Semalt To Get External Links Effectively In 2022 (Part 3 And The Last)

This article is a 3 parts series! We are at part 3 and the last one. You have here more than a dozen methods to have quality backlinks. Because a website that is satisfied with low-quality backlinks will not be ranked by Google. For those, Semalt, as an experienced SEO expert, makes here a rigorous selection of possible methods to allow you to acquire these links in 2022, essential for anyone who wants to rank in the top 3 of search engines. 

25. Broken Link Building

The principle of updating invalid links on the web is a relatively simple and very effective link acquisition strategy. First, look for pages where you could possibly link to your page. Then, check the content for broken links (e.g., leading to subpages that return a 404 error).

To find these faulty links, you can use the Dedicated SEO Dashboard tool. Report the exact location of broken links to the website administrator and - most importantly - offer him / her your link in place of the inactive one. The chances that an administrator will agree to link to your domain increases with the quality of the content you share there.

26. Inactive links to own site

When building a database of links, it is worth checking whether all external links redirecting to our website are properly functioning and up-to-date. Make sure you do it first of all when the structure of your website has changed or you have moved to a different domain. Also, webmaster mistakes could have caused a situation where, in theory, there are many links on the Internet pointing to your site, but in practice they are defective. Therefore, it is worth taking the time to catch such broken links.

You can use the DSD for this, and so, you will find lost and damaged links. The webmaster may have accidentally removed such a link or its unavailability is due to an error on the website - it is worth informing the website owner about it.

27. Use of outdated links

This method, although not popular, allows you to reach many potential links that your competitors were not looking for. How to do it?

Are you looking for sites that have recently ceased to function, but whose domains can still be accessed? You can use e.g., Expired Domains for this purpose. Then use the Ahrefs app to see what other sites were linking to currently broken subpages in that domain.

The next step is to find out what content was published on these pages. The "time machine" available at Archive.org will help here.

The third step is to use the vulnerability found on the internet and post the same or even better content on our own website. Now all you have to do is contact the administrators of the pages linking to the broken domain, inform them about the links leading nowhere on their pages and that they will find the same or even better content on your site.

28. Facilitation of linking

There may be times when website managers will want to link to our site but, without programming skills, will not be able to do so. It is worth making it easier for them by preparing code fragments ready to paste along with a preview of how the linking button will look. You can put such information on a separate subpage called "Link to us".

29. Be assessed

To obtain valuable links, it is worth making your product or service available to bloggers and specialist websites for review. In this case, it is not about sponsored content, but about authentic opinions from people who have managed to develop a brand on the web.

So in the first step, you need to do thorough research to select opinion leaders with trusted websites. Remember that in this case, the quality of the reviews is also important. Short, incorrectly written ones can only hurt you.

Of course, you have no direct influence on whether the review will appear, but with the right choice of recipients of your product and friendly communication, there is a high probability. When a review for your product comes out, be sure to check that the reviewer included a backlink next to it. It is worth asking the operator of a given website in advance if he / she is interested in reviewing a given product at all.

30. Mentions about your business

Some users share opinions and industry news. Be sure to look for references to your company that already exist on the web. After you find such entries, check if their authors, apart from the opinions, also included a link to your website.

If you found entries without a link, ask the site administrator to add them. How to efficiently find all mentions of your company? Use the Backlink Profiler report, where you can filter the results based on whether a given mention links to your page. Brand24 also performs the same function.

31. Wikipedia

Wikipedia links are very valuable in terms of their trust flow. the TF is a factor that determines the credibility of a website.

How to do it?

First, the Wiki should be searched for pages thematically related to the profile of our business, using Google and keywords. Type in the search engine: site: wikipedia.org [keyword] + "dead link". Suppose your website is dedicated to Egypt. Then you can use the query: site: wikipedia.org Egypt + "dead link".

In this way, we managed to find an entry with information about a dead link.

Once you find a few such dead links, use the Wayback Machine to find out what content was on the currently broken pages.

Then fill in the gap in the Wikipedia bibliography. Publish high-quality text on your website / blog containing information that is currently unavailable. Of course, you can update them, thus ensuring substantive value, which is desirable considering Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. Finally, you log in to the wiki as editor and replace the dead link with a link to your site.

32. Sites of trade associations

This is another type of non-obvious place on the web where you should have your link. They are associations where membership is reserved for people with a specific profession. There is a possibility that membership in such organizations requires a fee, but placing a link on such a page gives us two benefits.

First of all, it is a high-quality link (as long as the website has good SEO parameters) placed on a topic-related page. Secondly, being in such a place creates some opportunities to establish new contacts in the industry.

Try searching the internet for various associations related to your area of activity.

33. Links from the government .gov domain

Placing a link on the website in the .gov domain reserved for government institutions is a real treat. You can try to find government sites where contractors can register (providing their real contact details), thus getting the opportunity to link to their site. These can be: 

34. Job advertisements

Are you looking for new employees? When adding a job offer on proven portals, always complete your profile and advertisement with a link to the company website. Of course, not all websites agree to such practices, but it only takes a few minutes to find pages that allow you to paste such links.

Although this is a method that you will use only in the right circumstances, it is extremely simple and effective, so it is worth remembering it when recruiting.

35. Auction services

If you have an online store, but you are also eager to offer your products on auction portals such as eBay, use it to obtain a few additional links.

The matter is not that simple, because most of these websites do not agree to place links directly to online stores. However, you can get around this limitation if you have followed a few of the previous points.

First of all, if you have decided to run a blog (e.g., you describe trends related to products that you have in your offer), link it in the description on the auction portal. This also applies to created videos or graphics. It is a bit of a road around, but if you have the right background (blog or video), it is worth taking advantage of.

36. Partnership cooperation

If you have an online store where you sell third-party products, consider asking the manufacturer to include a link to your website and store it in the catalogue of business partners. Since he / she also benefits from it, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

37. Copyright

Check if the original content on your website is not unlawfully used by other users without indicating the author. To do this, simply use the Google search engine or a more advanced program to detect plagiarism of content posted on the Internet. An example of such a solution is the demo of the DSD.

If you really find such entries, be sure to contact the site administrator, obliging him / her to provide a link to the source text. Of course, the same goes for graphics or video.

38. Question-answer pages

They can also be a source of links. However, you should pay attention to what the website itself does with the links included in the statements.

For example, Quora allows the use of links. 

In order to obtain links, you should find threads in which website users look for advice on a product or service. By answering their questions, we may paste links to your site.

39. Create engaging quizzes about your products

The solution for creating quizzes is Kahoot! In creating such quizzes, it is worth being creative and understanding who are the customers you are supposed to reach. It's also a good step to come up with a reward for the people who will get the best results.

If you use social networking sites, you've probably dealt with quizzes. Users then willingly share their results on social networks. Perhaps some will also decide to share it on their blog and post a link to it?

40. Podcasts

Podcasts are currently enjoying great popularity. People who run them share their knowledge in audio form. They invite experts, famous people from a given industry to participate. These materials are available for free - all you need is internet access to listen to them. This can be done live, when a podcast is organized and then ask the hosts questions or review the material over time.

Internet users are eager to share information about such podcasts on social networks, as well as on their blogs. 

Conclusion: Is external linking important in SEO?

Definitely yes! External linking (or link building) is an inherent element of SEO that can significantly increase the visibility of your website. Optimization on the website should be supported with appropriate links. But do you have to use all the ways to get links? No, but you must remember not to link from only one type of source. Diversify your links and make sure they appear regularly.

If you need to learn more about the subject of SEO and website promotion, we invite you to visit our Semalt blog.